What others say

The materials were extremely organized and helpful; the presentations were engaging and strategic; the hands-on activities were very beneficial.

Dana and Neil built a great rapport with our team and had truly leveraged the pre-work of the D.I.S.C assessment and Time Mastery survey in order to have a working knowledge of each participant’s style.

Here's what people have to say about Ultimate Coach University

“Overall, our team felt this was a fantastic experience: it gave them personal and professional growth opportunities beyond their expectations and has truly been a tremendous benefit to our team.”

Julie Morehead Vice President of Sales Thirty-One Gifts

“Attend the training! You will get the tools and information you can use to grow as a leader.”

Louise Downey Senior Managing Partner J.Hilburn Men’s Clothiers

“Thank you for your dedication and hard work creating an awesome program! Thank you for your belief in me and sharing the excitement of being curious!

Thank you for being an example of professionalism and reality. You two are an amazing team.”

Kimberly Hess Consultant Coach Faith Company

“I am honored that I had to opportunity to get my training through you both!”

Jan McDonough Executive Director Tupperware

“Dana and Neil gave me the tools to organize my thoughts and plans, and to use my time effectively in working with my team to achieve our goal of becoming a National Executive team. They were there for me when I needed coaching on finding the answers within myself when dealing with specific concerns.”

Peggy Adams National Executive Director BeautiControl

“I recently attended your Coaching Boot Camp, and I wanted to say thank you for all of the amazing information. It was a wonderful way to start my career, and I wish I could have that those three days of knowledge years ago.”

Katherine Epneris, Sales Coach, Thirty-One Gifts

“Participation in your Coaching program has been eye-opening in every possible way. Not only have I learned valuable skills that have direct application to my management style and our business model, but I have also benefitted from the incredible coaching and motivation of my coach (Lyn!). Above all, there is a renewed blast of creative energy in our studio—and it can be directly attributed to the time I’ve spent working with you. Even in this crazy economic climate, we’re pushing forward with increased optimism, responsibility and focus. I now understand that coaching leads to better work, better communication and better results. It’s not about showing someone how to do something better, it’s about clearing a pathway, improving perception and removing obstacles. Every step of the process has been gratifying and educational. While there’s always more to learn, there’s no doubt that Struck is a better, stronger, smarter organization because of our partnership with SoulSalt.”

Matt Anderson Studio Manager, StruckAxiom, Portland

“I walked into coach training very guarded with what I would call layers and cloaking in place. I have spent most of my life hiding most of my personal identity from being seen. Working with you Lyn pulled those layers off and ripped my cloaking apart. I was left naked. It felt like being born all over again. Everything that was hurting became more evident. Everything that was pleasurable became more intense with goodness. Everything became more vibrant. Thank you, Lyn. Everything has changed, everything needed to.”

Irene Griffin Coaching Student

“The live training with Lyn had a positive impact on me and showed me how powerful coaching can be. I’m excited to begin doing something I enjoy, that doesn’t feel like work, and that accesses my best talents. The people who attended her training are ‘first rate’, and I consider this new direction in my life as a welcomed opportunity.”

Beth Strathman, HR Director

“When can we meet? I want to talk about getting through all the coach training now that I’ve attended the live event. I want to get my ICF certification, possibly being a part of your coaching staff, and other wonderful things! Your training was just what I needed. I felt so energized and like something had been brought back to life in me that had become dormant over the past year or so. There is a sense of clarity about what I want to move towards that released a lot of tension. Tension that I couldn’t place my finger on where it was coming from. I could meet anytime. I want to sign-up for the entire program now.”

Andrew Carruthers Lunatic Fringe Salon Owner and Life Coach

“Lyn Christian came into my life just by serendipity; it might have appeared as coincidental but it was a real and lasting destiny event for me. I felt an immediate connection with her that quickly grew into respect. Lyn not only mentored me, she was the most exceptional coach certification training instructor one could aspire to – always presenting relevant tools and techniques; using impactful training methods, modeling professional standards in action and consistently working in integrity. Five years later, Lyn continues to be an inspiration, a mentor and caring resource to me.”

Pamela Peplow Reveal Coaching & More Certified Franklin Covey Coach

“I can truly say that personal coaching with Lyn has helped me do things that I believed I could do. It was a process of partnership where I was supported through times when I just needed to anchor into my own deep resources and capacity.”

Nancy Porthan Owner of Noble Travel

“Hi Lyn. I know I gushed on the phone last night, but just needed to add this insight, because, in my heart, you will forever be my coach, and the woman who pulled me through the most difficult transition of my life. I just wanted to affirm to you the power of all the we did. From hedgehogs to experiments to all the times you reflected back to me what you were hearing me saying, even when I couldn’t hear it myself. Count me in as a “true believer” in your methods, and, of course, your gift for coaching.”

Janie Gabbett, Executive Editor, Meatingplace

“I can’t thank you enough for your coaching support as we worked through a difficult transition point in our business. There were tough calls that we had to make and that you had to make. You didn’t shy away from making them. Thank you for how honest you have been and consistent to keep on top of things. I will want to stay in touch as we move forward.”

Michael Bapis, Partner and Managing Director of
The Bapis Group/High Tower Advisors