Major Areas of Study



The power of coaching in our professional and personal lives is becoming more and more evident with each passing year. What used to be an anomaly among leaders is now becoming common: successful people seek out coaching. Many professionals see the need to add coaching skills and experience into their own professional offerings. While they may not be interested in certification, they are interested in coaching at a high level, and doing it the right way. The UCU program guides anyone looking to add this arrow to their quiver in a way that helps them ultimately add value in their specific career.

For some, the goal is to gain coaching certification. Ultimate Coach University’s purpose for this group is not to simply guide aspiring coaches through the ICF certification process, but to equip and empower them with the skills, training and philosophies that specifically fit the coaching business they are going to establish. The UCU programs don’t just help students grow in their skills as a coach; they also help each student learn better ways to market and position their skills. Upon completion, business owners and entrepreneurs know practical ways to market their coaching expertise. Corporate coaches gain insights on how to step up their game while also knowing how to position their value within the organization.

  Business Coaching Major

Business can be a competitive or a collaborative sport for many solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs. Managing the various roles of leadership, management, strategy, fiscal responsibility, etc. can be a challenge even for the brightest business owner. Hiring a coach to support the various activities and the mind-set of the small business owner is a wise investment.

If you are interested in working within the ever-changing yet exciting world of small business, this major will support your efforts. Classes in coaching the business owner will among other things:

  • Supply you with practical, useful tools to support the entrepreneur to develop a success team
  • Support you in coaching vs. consulting the entrepreneur
  • Provide you with tools to promote better time management and strategic planning
  • Offer you coaching opportunities to guide your client in marketing, sales, and feasibility

You will discover how to work with clients so they can construct a business plan, manage their projects and gain knowledge in various business functions.

  Direct Sales Coaching Major

Direct sellers thrive with a well-trained coach. Written by direct sellers for direct sales coaches, this major will set you apart from others who merely claim to be a coach.

If you are a sales leader in the direct selling profession or a training provider for the industry, adding coaching to your skill set will:

  • Support your efforts to increase productivity, recruiting, and leadership development
  • Help increase retention with the sales force
  • Bring out the best in the direct sellers you coach
  • Provide you with greater satisfaction as you work with direct sellers

Coach training for this major is consistent with the best practices in team building, selling, prospecting, and leadership development for both party plan sellers and network marketers.

  Life Coaching Major

Life is full of transition. The human soul hungers for meaning and purpose. We wonder about making a contribution and sharing our talent, strengths and ideas. Life Coaching is the area of expertise that supports individual in addressing these topics. We support people to reach full capacity no matter what the day-to-day brings. It is the area of focus that specializes in clarifying dreams, goals and deep desire. And it is the art and science of knowing how to support an individual to answer this key question: “Now that I know, what am I going to do about it…and when will that happen?”

Our common-sense, creative Life Coaching Major is packed with strategies, tools and models that allow you to support your own personal growth and that of others. You will be able to:

  • Understand the dynamics of change so you can fully support clients as they grow.
  • Uncover your own brilliance and that of your clients.
  • Increase personal satisfaction for yourself and your clients.
  • Set and meet inspiring goals and accomplishments.
  • Support stronger decision making processes.
  • Support stronger goal setting processes.
  • Understand and support strength-based performance.
  • Understand and build intuitive capacity
  • Understand and support values-based growth.

Coach training for this major is consistent with the best practices found in such areas as positive psychology, strength based performance, change and transformation models, goal setting, etc.