About Us

We started Ultimate Coach University for four major reasons:

  1. We are Coaching Geeks. To say we are intrigued with all things coaching would be an understatement. To say we are driven to support people who want to coach is complete fact.

  2. Many people simply want to add some muscle to their coaching skills without necessarily becoming professional coaches. They are looking for the more advanced training usually associated with high-level certification processes, but aren’t as interested in the certification as they are the professional application. We’ve created a program that does both.

  3. Based on our decades of work with countless coaching students, we knew what today’s coaching student needed, and we couldn’t find it anywhere. So we created it. UCU gives students a solid foundation for coaching success while at the same time providing programs and majors that fit their professional goals more specifically than any other coach training program on the market. And throughout the process, our students graduate fully qualified for an ACC (Associate Coach Certification) from the International Coach Federation.

  4. UCU is focused on the practice of coaching. From the very beginning of their training, our students are practicing coaches. They don't just learn theory, they do coaching.

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Are you a coach geek like we are, anxious to move forward in your skills and experience? Whether you’ve just made the decision to become a professional coach, or you’ve been coaching professionally for many years, Ultimate Coach University offers the targeted training, mentorship, guidance and preparation for any coach at any level.