Weekend Love, October Thirty-First

We share everything, even Halloween treats

We share everything, even Halloween treats

Here are some of the great nuggets that I’ve found on the web recently. This handful of links takes you to tools or insightful content. Occasionally I’ll include one from my “save” file if it fits the mood.

Just about everyone I know is trying to find additional sales this time of year.  Karyn Greenstreet gives you some quick ideas when she writes about 5 Smart Tips to Re-engage Inactive Customers.

The problem might not be the people around you.  It might be your expectations about the people around you.  What will you do now?  Dominique Christine explores this thought in her article on What to Do When You’re Feeling Disappointed in Your Relationship.

Seth Godin is one of the most concise writers I’ve encountered.  He talks about Entitlement vs. Worthiness and asks you to think about Halloween candy.  How this man’s mind works I’ll never know.

This is from the way back machine.  From top to bottom, the choice is yours.  We don’t always recognize that until it gets spelled out for us like Frank Sonnenberg did in his article, The Choice is Yours.

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without at least one article prompted by the holiday.  This one is basically pictures, so check out 26 Hauntingly Beautiful Photos of Abandoned Homes Across America, some of which might just be haunted.

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