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Four Key Topics to Brand Your Coaching Business

Key branding issues for your coaching businessI make no claims as a branding expert.  When that subject comes up, I try to look at people like Walter Landor, who helped companies from Coca Cola to Shell Oil to Levi Strauss define their brand for the public. He would say things like, “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.”

As new coaches come into Ultimate Coach University and create their businesses, some key branding questions often come up.  They are simple and yet profound questions.  If branding is the something created in the minds of others, how will you approach this task?  Here are four core ideas.

1.  Who is your Ideal Customer?  This is your core question.  Start with your customer’s demographics.  Then work out from there to understand their values in action. This might be a business group (direct sellers, lawyers, salon owners, etc.) or it driven by the group’s characteristics such as entrepreneurial drive, introversion, or leadership development.

Once this image starts to come together, your opportunity is to become the expert for these customers.

  • What do they want that they don’t have? Don’t think about what happens in the coaching; what do they have afterwards?
  • Will these customers be better after coaching than before they started?
  • Will they know it?

2. How will they find you?  You have an image of your ideal customer.  How will they be able to find you?  Your goal is to have their mental image match the one that you are creating. Your passion and excitement need to be obvious.

  • Is your value statement clear as well as front and center?
  • How compelling is your mission or brand statement?
  • What visual images are you making available?
  • Is your headshot saying what you want?
  • What action shots or Pinterest options are available?
  • How well does your simple graphic represent you?

3. How will they know the real you? The answer is very simple: others will tell them.  Let’s face it; with information access at an all-time high, what others say is the most trustworthy source of information.

  • How often do you do a Google or Bing search for your name?
  • Who’s talking about you on Facebook?
  • How do you ask new customers, “How did you hear about me?”
  • One great suggestion: Ask your clients, “What is the one thing you would tell others about our coaching?”

4. Can you tell someone without blushing, stalling, or talking more than 30 seconds?  Seriously, you have to get comfortable talking about yourself and your business.  Have conversations.  Don’t just spew a prefab statement.  Tease, talk, entice, and solicit questions. You are not a megacorp.  You are having one-to-one conversations.

  • How will you practice your conversational skills?  Who with?
  • How can you describe the opportunity you are creating?
  • What question will you ask to continue the conversation?
  • How will you ask for a follow-up?

This is by no means a complete list.  Branding is creating a promise in the minds of your potential customers.  Your job is to have a solid idea of the promise and a solid idea of how you will communicate it.  The rest is strategic.

Please share.  How are you focusing on your branding?

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A Business Lesson about Word of Mouth Marketing

Most coaching practices are working on a shoe-string in terms of having a marketing budget.

And the good news is this: The most effective means of marketing is FREE! Yes I’m talking WOM (word of mouth marketing). Generally speaking, utilizing WOM takes a tiny bit of effort to initially engage and even less effort to maintain.

Take a look at how much trust is accrued by the following types of advertising/promotion. Notice the WOM is at the top of the chart!


Now that you know this, what do you do about it? Great question and here are a few ideas:

1 – Get your business set up with Google Reviews. You can do YELP as well however, only experienced YELPERS will net your visible reviews.

2 – Have a Facebook and Web presence BUT don’t pay to have someone else do your Social Media marketing if your budget can’t justify a clear and evident ROI (return on investment).

3 – Sign up for the Church of the Customer Blog where this information came from and more like it will flow to you each month.

4 – Click here and download my interview with the authors of this Blog, Ben and Jackie as we outline the key three ways for you to engage Customer Evangelism into your marketing strategy.

And if you live in Utah, you’ll want to see Jackie Huba speak about WOM and Monster Loyalty on June 20th at Westminster Collage. Click on this link to register for the event.

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Knowing How to Coach is 50% of the Puzzle

MP900255553-1Knowing how to coach is one part of the puzzle. In fact it is a big “thing” if you want to play an effective role coaching and supporting others.

Knowing how to generate Word Of Mouth support for your practice (either as an internal coach within an organization or a free-agent coach) is the vital other half of the puzzle.

Think of it like this:

Knowing how to coach is equal to having a ticket into the ballpark.

Having people wanting you to coach them is equivalent to picking up a bat, standing at the plate and actively playing the game.

I’m not a marketing expert, however a couple of business associates of mine are. One in particular is Jackie Huba. Jackie is one of the world’s leading Word Of Mouth marketing experts. Recently she and her partner Ben posted research proving once again that having the power of referrals and reviews from your fans is the strongest form of marketing. And…marketing your work is the second half of being a successful coach.

I think you’ll enjoy this post from my personal blog which reveals the Word of Mouth research mentioned above.

If any of you are in the Salt Lake area or want to be around June 20th, 2013 check out our up-coming SoulSalt Inc. event. We are flying Jackie in to deliver her keynote address as part of her new book tour for Monster Loyalty. Word on the street is that Jackie won’t be the only celebrity on stage that day. 


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