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How Coaching Can Make You a Hero

Coaching Heroes transformWho wouldn’t want to be a hero?  Wikipedia defines a hero as “A person who performs extraordinary deeds for the benefit of others.” Yeah, it may not pay well and the hours may really suck, but what else can you do that get universal affirmations?  Unfortunately (or happily, depending on your perspective) heroes are made and not born.  You have to work to become a coaching hero.  Joseph Campbell describes the process of becoming a hero by saying, “A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.” If you want to be a coaching hero, here’s what has to happen.

Follow your calling.  Ask anyone who is becoming a coach why they are doing it.  You hear things like:

  • People tell me that I do a lot of natural coaching.
  • I love listening to people talk about what they want to do with their business.
  • I’m curious about how people make their dream happen.
  • I get jazzed when I can help people figure out what to do.

I’ve never heard anyone say, “I wanted to become a coach because:

  • It pays really well.
  • I do a great job of managing people.
  • I got tired of working for a company and wanted to start my own business.

Coaches are people who are called to a quest.  It’s their fate.

Be transformed. Coaches don’t just spring fully born into the world.  Like other heroes, they go through a transformational process; they study, practice, reflect, coach, are coached, and do it again and again.  As coaches earn their title, they develop their coaching powers.  They can:

  • Understand what is not said as well as what is.
  • Ignore what they want in favor of the client’s needs and wants.
  • Act highly intuitively and hit the mark.
  • Create SMART goals with their eyes shut (just a little comic relief).

You may not notice it when you see a coach, but the coach knows. At the core, the coaching hero is in tune with their transformation.

Be willing to bestow boons.  Coaches have a different set of powers from most heroes.  Coaches know they are successful when the client succeeds and is willing to claim the credit.  Coaches bestow powers like:

  • Self-determination
  • Positivity
  • Proactivity
  • Self-awareness

How about you?

Are you a coaching hero?

Do you have a coaching hero?

Would you like to be a coaching hero?

At Ultimate Coach University, the goal is to unlock the coach in you, to set your hero free.  UCU Launch workshops start in March and May.  Leave a comment and we’ll fill you in.

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Quantum Neuro Linguistic Programming Explained (whew!)

The popularity of Quantum NLP keeps growing.  As more and more people show interest in it, the popular questions are about the differences between traditional Neuro Linguistic Programming (commonly known as NLP) and Quantum NLP.  To produce some clarity around this issue, I have developed several videos that explain the basics of NLP and then dive into the Quantum universe.  Go to you tube to view it or just click below.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about Quantum NLP and how it can enhance your coaching practice. Contact me at or call me at (801) 979-4799.


Ultimate Coach University is starting their next session in January, so write to to find out how you can participate in their program and build your QNLP coaching practice.

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Ultimate Coach University Launch Workshop is This Week

Ultimate Coach University launches new cohortOn Wednesday, May 16, Ultimate Coach University launched its fifth cohort of coaches.  That’s said with a little sense of pride.  The bigger feeling is a sense of wonder as new coaches understand what it means to be a coach and are playing full-out in their new role.

Yesterday’s training was about thinking like a coach.  Today’s focus is on the skills of a coach: listening, curiosity, and asking open-ended questions.  Tomorrow’s topics are on acting like a coach.  We’ll update you throughout the day on Facebook and in the near future we’ll have a video or two where we give some students the opportunity to talk about their experience during the three days.

UCU continues to grow in the breadth of its offerings.  When we started last summer, we offered specialized major in life coaching, direct sales coaching, and salon coaching.  In this launch workshop we’ve added a fourth major, Quantum NLP coaching.  When we have our next Launch workshop in Dallas on September 12-14, we’ll be adding students to a new track in business coaching.  And enrollment is open.

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