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Karan Josephus: New Certified Direct Sales Coach

Karan Josephus, Pampered ChefBy Dana Phillips

Meet Karan Josephus, new Certified Direct Sales Coach from Traverse City, Michigan.

Karan runs a successful business from home and is an independent Senior Executive Sales Director for Pampered Chef. She is very involved in her community. She is a wife and “mom” to four Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  In addition, Karan and her husband, Steve, are opening a food truck.

She completed the direct selling certification program this year and uses coaching with her team.  Karan was drawn to Ultimate Coach University to become more effective with her leaders.  She wanted to draw out their best instead of telling them what to do.  She recognizes that her team members are powerful and she wants to support them in becoming their best.

Karan found several classes stood out as impactful while she was enrolled. Learning to coach people to design plans that match her team members’ values, practicing coaching with content and discovering more about group coaching were helpful in her business.

She found that even one-on-one conversations are enhanced because of her coach training.  “I listen more, ask more questions, and bring out the best in my team members.”

You can find more about Karan’s business at


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