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Jana Arkell: New Direct Sales Certified Coach

New Direct Sales Coachby Dana Phillips.

Meet Jana Arkell, Certified Direct Selling Coach, from Highland Branch, Colorado.

Jana is an energetic and insightful coach!  She is a wife and mom with a busy lifestyle. She runs a successful business from home and is an independent Executive Sales Director for Pampered Chef.

She completed the direct selling certification program this year and uses coaching with her team.  Her attraction to the coaching program at UCU started with a conversation from another leader in her company. When she asked Darla Oelmann, a top leader what one thing she could do in her business that would make the most impact, Darla responded, “Learn to coach”.

One of the greatest discoveries Jana found personally and professionally is that “every obstacle can be surmounted through coaching”.  She learned that coaching supports people to get out of the emotion and become more solution oriented.

The results make an impact. This year, through individual and group coaching she saw solid growth in personal sales and consistency in her team.  She uses coaching skills from UCU in conversations as well as specific performance coaching.

As her mentor coach I found Jana really took advantage of the time in her sessions as well as her classes. When we started coaching, she was overwhelmed with the busyness of her life, business and family. She always had more to do than she had time for in the day and felt like she had to do it all herself. Through coaching, Leisa was able to set priorities, delegate better and focus on the activities that support her success.

You can find more about Jana’s business at

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