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Weekend Love, February Twenty First

Link loveHere are some of the great nuggets that I’ve found on the web recently.  Most will be a handful of links to tools or great content.  Occasionally I’ll include one from my “save” file that hits my mood.

I think we all will have situations that feed our indecisiveness.  The Paid to Exist blog explores an alternative in The Mantra of the World’s Greatest Influencers.

John Hester, in the Blanchard LeaderChat weighs in on those dreaded employee performance talks.  His view may surprise you as he writes When It Comes to Performance Management, Employees Want More, Not Less!  While direct selling leaders don’t perform employee management functions, I think you’ll find his solution fits your world as well.

Any good lawyer will tell you that the questions you ask shape the questions. Coaches know this as well.  Here’s an alternative for your self-questions from the Power of TED* as they urge you to Ask a Better Question.

The real value of Facebook is in Groups.  Chris Brogan weighs in on this topic in his article, Remember When I Said I Quit Facebook?

From the archives:  Entrepreneur Magazine recommends that you Quit Facebook.  Here are six good reasons to give it up for your business and your personal life.  This seems harsh, but if you can’t set boundaries, maybe stopping cold turkey is the way to go.

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A Business Lesson about Word of Mouth Marketing

Most coaching practices are working on a shoe-string in terms of having a marketing budget.

And the good news is this: The most effective means of marketing is FREE! Yes I’m talking WOM (word of mouth marketing). Generally speaking, utilizing WOM takes a tiny bit of effort to initially engage and even less effort to maintain.

Take a look at how much trust is accrued by the following types of advertising/promotion. Notice the WOM is at the top of the chart!


Now that you know this, what do you do about it? Great question and here are a few ideas:

1 – Get your business set up with Google Reviews. You can do YELP as well however, only experienced YELPERS will net your visible reviews.

2 – Have a Facebook and Web presence BUT don’t pay to have someone else do your Social Media marketing if your budget can’t justify a clear and evident ROI (return on investment).

3 – Sign up for the Church of the Customer Blog where this information came from and more like it will flow to you each month.

4 – Click here and download my interview with the authors of this Blog, Ben and Jackie as we outline the key three ways for you to engage Customer Evangelism into your marketing strategy.

And if you live in Utah, you’ll want to see Jackie Huba speak about WOM and Monster Loyalty on June 20th at Westminster Collage. Click on this link to register for the event.

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