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Weekend Love, July Eleventh

Breaking through the barrier of personal limitationsHere are some of the great nuggets that I’ve found on the web recently. This handful of links takes you to tools or insightful content. Occasionally I’ll include one from my “save” file if it fits the mood.

Feel guilty saying, “no?”  Frank Sonnenberg helps you understand the trade-offs you are creating when you say, “yes” in his article, Say Yes to No.

When I first started to understand strengths, I realized that others couldn’t do what I see as natural and vice-versa.  Dan Rockwell peels back one more layer of insight into this perspective when he writes about The Power of Awkward.

Jane C. Woods has a singular focus—women thriving at work.  As she writes, “Women duet, men duel.”  She shares more of her very credible insights when she writes about How to Talk to the Opposite Sex!

Who doesn’t love Seth Godin?  Normally his daily blog is one of the quickest reads available.  Sometimes it’s not.  Reading Seth Godin is always worth your time, especially when he writes about The tragedy of small expectations (and the trap of false dreams).

From the archives:  Executive coach, Ed Batista, who also teaches at Stanford, has a one-hour webinar on Making Feedback less Stressful.  He also answers numerous questions.  If you put it with his article Make Feedback Less Stressful, I think you have at your fingertips just about everything you need to know of feedback.  Now to just do this stuff in the key moments.


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