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Michelle Bardwell: New Certified Direct Selling Coach

Michelle BardwellMichelle had always used coaching skills in her position as National Director of Sales for Dove Chocolate Discoveries.  As part of her professional development plan, she wanted to grow her skills as a coach for her position with formal education in coaching and enrolled in UCU. The program appealed to her because of the program’s emphasis on direct sales coaching.

Michelle found the classes valuable as she works with others to develop a coaching culture in her company. She became proficient at better listening techniques, ways to discover what her leaders want and the emotional why that drives them.

Before her training at UCU, Michelle used a lot of one on one work with her leaders, and now she sees better results because the “consultants come up with their own answers.” She feels a big area of growth for her was holding the coaching space and not giving the answer to her clients.

Michelle and her husband Scott enjoy their two children and make their home in Erie, Colorado.

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Laurie Lambert, New Direct Sales Certified Coach

Ultimate Coach university Graduate Laurie Lambertby Dana Phillips.

Meet Laurie Lambert, Certified Direct Selling Coach from Arlington, Texas.

Laurie uses coaching daily in her role as a Field Development Manager. Laurie entered the UCU program for a variety of reasons.  As part of her professional development plan, she wanted to grow her skills as a coach for her position with Dove Chocolate Discoveries.  Additionally, she admired leaders who used the coach approach to leadership and looked for a program that would support her to be a more effective coach.  UCU made sense to her because “it was the only program that combined the professionalism of the international coaching community with the practical application of the direct selling industry.”  Laurie is currently working on her ICF ACC credential and expects to have it soon.

Reflecting on the skills, tools, and processes Laurie learned in UCU coursework, she was most impressed with the work she did with her mentor coach.  “My mentor coach really modeled good coaching skills as well as helping me improve my own coaching.”

Laurie feels her greatest growth was in the area of coaching presence.  “The ability to enter into my client’s world, stay there, and really hold that space for them is exciting. When it is their idea, their solution, positive change happens.”

Laurie and her husband Mitchell enjoy a variety of hobbies. She recognizes that coaching significantly impacts her role as a spouse and mother to adult children.

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