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Want to Add Coaching to Your Skill Set?

The next three-day intensive coaching launch is September 15-17, 2015 in Grapevine, Texas near the DFW Airport.

The easiest way to know what happens is to listen to three of our student describe the three days.

Whether your interest is in adding coaching skills to your leadership, taking your life in a new direction, or becoming a professional coach, this three-day dive into key topics will get you started as a coach. You’ll leave prepared to start coaching immediately.

This program is geared for coaches beginning their professional career and for those simply wanting to add coaching skills to their toolkit. Experienced coaches participate to refresh their knowledge base and to hone their skills. The program is approved for 16 hours of Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEU’s) with the International Coach Federation.

The program provides coaches with knowledge, skills, practice, and feedback on their coaching. The course will address specifics for running programs in person and virtually.

Participants leave the program with tools, resources, skills and practice in coaching, including:

  • An understanding of what coaching is, similarities and differences with counseling, training, mentoring, and facilitation
  • Core skills and competencies for masterful group coaching
  • Foundational principles: Learning styles, listening, asking curious powerful questions, and feedback
  • Creating Connection, Trust and Accountability
  • Exercises, Tools and Resources for Coaching
  • Working with, and engaging, different learning styles
  • Navigating Tricky Issues
  • Practice and feedback on your skills

The program includes:

  • 16 hours of training ( 15 Core Competency CCEU’s)
  • Online DiSC profile to assess your communication style
  • Experience as a coach and as a client (your first three sessions)
  • Your UCU Resource Workbook
  • Online Time Mastery profile and self-coaching application
  • Your copy of Coaching for Performance by Sir John Whitmore.
  • Your copy of The Power of TED* *The Empowerment Dynamic by David Emerald
  • New Client Welcome Forms
  • Sample Coaching Agreements
  • Small student/faculty ratio for personal attention
  • Student rates on coaching tools
  • An opportunity for you to get hands-on practice and feedback on your coaching skills

Venue: The host hotel is the SpringHill Suites, Dallas DFW Airport North/Grapevine, 2240 W. Grapevine Mills Circle Grapevine, TX 76051.  You can use this link to receive our special rate of $119 per night.

Space limited to 15 coaches.

Cost: $1250 (payable in four installments). Register with one or more colleagues and save 10% each.

Here’s what past participants have said about the program:

“This is the place to learn the skills needed for coaching.” – Diane Dieffenbach

“Completely changed my mindset on the way I view people and life.  I am a better person now.” – Megan Salmon

“DO IT!  Sooner than later ” – Darla Oehlman

“A must to take.” – Diane Engle

For more details on-line, look for the Ultimate Coach University program descriptions. We are the only ICF ACSTH program that has an emphasis in direct selling.

Contact Dana Phillips,, with questions.

Looking forward to having you join us!

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Michelle Bardwell: New Certified Direct Selling Coach

Michelle BardwellMichelle had always used coaching skills in her position as National Director of Sales for Dove Chocolate Discoveries.  As part of her professional development plan, she wanted to grow her skills as a coach for her position with formal education in coaching and enrolled in UCU. The program appealed to her because of the program’s emphasis on direct sales coaching.

Michelle found the classes valuable as she works with others to develop a coaching culture in her company. She became proficient at better listening techniques, ways to discover what her leaders want and the emotional why that drives them.

Before her training at UCU, Michelle used a lot of one on one work with her leaders, and now she sees better results because the “consultants come up with their own answers.” She feels a big area of growth for her was holding the coaching space and not giving the answer to her clients.

Michelle and her husband Scott enjoy their two children and make their home in Erie, Colorado.

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Weekend Love, April Eleventh

Link love 4-11Here are some of the great nuggets that I’ve found on the web recently.  This handful of links takes you  to tools or great content.  Occasionally I’ll include one from my “save” file that hits my mood.

This is a story about how life sucks but the story is still going.  It’s uplifting, honest.

Dan Rockwell writes about what to do If You Can’t Be With The One You Love.  He suggests a great course of action.  I’m doing this.  I think every leader should.

Maybe I’m more tuned to articles on time management since I’m doing a series on it right now through Team Connections.  Anyway, here are nine tips on work-life balance from Linked2Leadership.

I found a blog post about sales on a coaching site.  awesomesauce!  Tony Alessandra writes about Matching Your DiSC Selling Style to the Client’s DiSC Buying Style.

From the archives:  Barry Schwartz digs into a common meme for Western society: more freedom of choice is better. For psychologist Schwartz, choice has paralyzed us and made us less happy.

Click this link if the video isn’t showing:

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Karan Josephus: New Certified Direct Sales Coach

Karan Josephus, Pampered ChefBy Dana Phillips

Meet Karan Josephus, new Certified Direct Sales Coach from Traverse City, Michigan.

Karan runs a successful business from home and is an independent Senior Executive Sales Director for Pampered Chef. She is very involved in her community. She is a wife and “mom” to four Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  In addition, Karan and her husband, Steve, are opening a food truck.

She completed the direct selling certification program this year and uses coaching with her team.  Karan was drawn to Ultimate Coach University to become more effective with her leaders.  She wanted to draw out their best instead of telling them what to do.  She recognizes that her team members are powerful and she wants to support them in becoming their best.

Karan found several classes stood out as impactful while she was enrolled. Learning to coach people to design plans that match her team members’ values, practicing coaching with content and discovering more about group coaching were helpful in her business.

She found that even one-on-one conversations are enhanced because of her coach training.  “I listen more, ask more questions, and bring out the best in my team members.”

You can find more about Karan’s business at


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Weekend Love, March Fourteenth

Link loveHere are some of the great nuggets that I’ve found on the web recently.  Most will be a handful of links to tools or great content.  Occasionally I’ll include one from my “save” file that hits my mood.

Teams and groups have been studied for decades.  Ed Batista lists nine symptoms of group strength and growth.  They provide great insights into how you want to develop your team.

I wish I could write like Jeff Goins.  He tells a story and somewhere in the middle it becomes a life lesson.  Sweet.

Want to stop yourself from those knee-jerk reactions? Dana Lightman, Ph.D. is a counselor and a coach with some great insights into not letting your lizard brain take over.  Part one explains what happens and part two gives you some alternatives.  (Both are relatively short).

Black bottomed oatmeal pie.  Because it’s pi day (get it? get it?) and we should all salivate just a little over something like this.

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Tracy Williams Delisle: Direct Sales Certified Coach

Tracy Williamsby Dana Phillips.

We are proud to announce that Tracy Williams Delisle, Certified Direct Selling Coach from UCU, has been awarded the ACC credential from the International Coach Federation.

Tracy used coaching skills in her professional career for many years. She entered coach training with UCU because she realized “If I had such great success coaching from my own base of knowledge, I could create and support so much more success with intentionally learning skills and coaching techniques.”

Using coaching in her former corporate position as a vice president, and in her current entrepreneurial venture with Seacret, Tracy’s biggest discovery has taken the “rescue and fix” out of her coaching.  “I happily discovered that those I coach own their answers. They don’t need me to give them solutions.  Coaching really allows them to find their own answers.”

She has discovered that coaching now supports her team to connect to their success qualities, leverage their success, and build their own business.  One of Tracy’s new team member’s earned her first commission check of $1,000 in two weeks.  “The awesome income opportunity with Seacret, plus a coach approach is helping people succeed early and consistently.”

Tracy and her husband Tim live in Gurney, Illinois.  You can reach her at


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Laurie Lambert, New Direct Sales Certified Coach

Ultimate Coach university Graduate Laurie Lambertby Dana Phillips.

Meet Laurie Lambert, Certified Direct Selling Coach from Arlington, Texas.

Laurie uses coaching daily in her role as a Field Development Manager. Laurie entered the UCU program for a variety of reasons.  As part of her professional development plan, she wanted to grow her skills as a coach for her position with Dove Chocolate Discoveries.  Additionally, she admired leaders who used the coach approach to leadership and looked for a program that would support her to be a more effective coach.  UCU made sense to her because “it was the only program that combined the professionalism of the international coaching community with the practical application of the direct selling industry.”  Laurie is currently working on her ICF ACC credential and expects to have it soon.

Reflecting on the skills, tools, and processes Laurie learned in UCU coursework, she was most impressed with the work she did with her mentor coach.  “My mentor coach really modeled good coaching skills as well as helping me improve my own coaching.”

Laurie feels her greatest growth was in the area of coaching presence.  “The ability to enter into my client’s world, stay there, and really hold that space for them is exciting. When it is their idea, their solution, positive change happens.”

Laurie and her husband Mitchell enjoy a variety of hobbies. She recognizes that coaching significantly impacts her role as a spouse and mother to adult children.

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Jana Arkell: New Direct Sales Certified Coach

New Direct Sales Coachby Dana Phillips.

Meet Jana Arkell, Certified Direct Selling Coach, from Highland Branch, Colorado.

Jana is an energetic and insightful coach!  She is a wife and mom with a busy lifestyle. She runs a successful business from home and is an independent Executive Sales Director for Pampered Chef.

She completed the direct selling certification program this year and uses coaching with her team.  Her attraction to the coaching program at UCU started with a conversation from another leader in her company. When she asked Darla Oelmann, a top leader what one thing she could do in her business that would make the most impact, Darla responded, “Learn to coach”.

One of the greatest discoveries Jana found personally and professionally is that “every obstacle can be surmounted through coaching”.  She learned that coaching supports people to get out of the emotion and become more solution oriented.

The results make an impact. This year, through individual and group coaching she saw solid growth in personal sales and consistency in her team.  She uses coaching skills from UCU in conversations as well as specific performance coaching.

As her mentor coach I found Jana really took advantage of the time in her sessions as well as her classes. When we started coaching, she was overwhelmed with the busyness of her life, business and family. She always had more to do than she had time for in the day and felt like she had to do it all herself. Through coaching, Leisa was able to set priorities, delegate better and focus on the activities that support her success.

You can find more about Jana’s business at

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Angilee Myers: New Direct Sales Certified Coach

Angilee Myersby Dana Phillips.

Angilee Myers, Certified Direct Selling Coach from UCU, has been awarded the ACC credential from the International Coach Federation.  Angi is not stopping there, and is hard at work on her next coaching credential, the PCC, which she expects to be awarded soon.

Angi picked Ultimate Coach University because “I was looking for a coach school that would help me take my coaching to the next level and allow me to integrate my direct sales experience with my coaching. I was also drawn to UCU because I was familiar with and really comfortable with the instructors. Neil and Dana are knowledgeable and inspiring. They have pushed me, believed in me and challenged me to stretch to see things differently. I have thoroughly enjoyed my UCU experience.”

Coaching has been a big part of Angi’s personal and professional development and this achievement marks an impressive journey of self-discovery and discipline. Formal coach training has had a profound impact on Angilee’s life.  As she describes it, “Things have changed in my life, my business and my family as a result of UCU. As a coach, I approach situations more thoughtfully. I am fully present and listen better – to what’s said and isn’t said. I am much more effective at work, especially as a leader. I believe that the coach approach makes relationships better; training is more effective in getting the best possible results. It’s a way of life and I think I am a better person for the experience.”

Angi current serves as Senior Manager Sales Leadership Development at Thirty-One Gifts. “I work with the most amazing leaders at Thirty-One Gifts. These women are powerful, strong, faithful and confident leaders who change the lives of those around them every day”.  She believes in coaching as a leadership style and models the coach approach in all of her activities.

Neil Phillips PCC, her mentor coach reports, “Angi has been a dream to work with.  She exudes positivity and is always moving forward.”

Angi and her husband Steve make their home in Yorktown, Indiana. She stays busy with six children and enjoys attending the myriad of events in their busy lives.

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Weekend Love, January Thirty One

Link loveHere are some of the great nuggets that I’ve found on the web recently.  Most will be a handful of links to tools or great content.  Occasionally I’ll include one from my “save” file that hits my mood.

I realize this isn’t about coaching, but we reach many people in direct sales so I wanted to share this SlideShare presentation. People in sales have a bad rap.  Here’s a defense against 13 of the worst charges.

This last week I posted an article about working with clients to change their coaching medium to create some new insights.  Then I found this article from Michael Hyatt on the differences between hand writing and typing notes.

Rare is the person who doesn’t have to be in charge of a meeting.  Even rarer is the person who doesn’t have some problem or another with it.  Dan McCarthy shares 12 key ideas for Planning Great Off-Site Meetings.

From the archives:  I first saw this YouTube video about a year ago.  It shows your time in jellybeans.  Honest.  Give yourself three minutes of fun and learn some things about a lifetime of time use

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