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Good and Bad News about Coach Income

Coach earnings looking upWe’d all like to earn more money without working harder, right?  Unfortunately, that seldom happens.  The flip side of that coin getting a fair return for your coaching expertise.

Sherpa Coaching just released their 2014 Coaches Earnings Report.  The results are very mixed. The hourly earnings for executive, business and life coaches have rebounded to the 2012 levels although it is still less than 2011.

As expected, annual earnings are significantly lower than a few years ago.  However, experience matters!  The average coach who has been working for 5-10 years earns double what a beginning (0-2 years’ experience) coach earns.

The coaches in the survey continue to expect the demand for coaching to increase.  It’s been moving steadily upwards since a 2011 low.  Sherpa created an overall Coaching Confidence Index (CCI) which hit an all-time high.  The CCI is based on a number of factors include rates, number of clients, marketing time, etc.

There’s more, and you should read it in the report.  It’s a quick way to find how you compare to your competitors.

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