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Cheryl Pope: New Certified Business Coach

PopeBy Dana Phillips

We are pleased to announce our newest Certified Business Coach, Cheryl Pope. Located in Dallas, Cheryl is a Principal of Carlton Human Capital, an organizational effectiveness consultant and executive coach with a passion for helping people achieve shared success.

After working in the human resources sector, she discovered she loved coaching and enrolled in Ultimate Coach University to formalize her coach education.  Neil Phillips, worked with Cheryl as her mentor coach and describes her as “always upbeat and always looking ahead.  She’s a great integrator of what she learned into her practice.”  Cheryl is currently working on her International Coach Federation credential and we expect her to achieve it soon.

Cheryl appreciated the community provided by UCU, especially the accessibility of faculty and support.  “Unlike many training programs available, I truly felt there is a vested partnership in my success.”

One of the unexpected benefits Cheryl found at UCU was the exposure to student coaches from other fields.  She enjoyed discovering how coaching applies in a variety of professions.  “It was interesting to see coaching used for sales, performance, and values clarification.”

Companies looking to enhance their organizational effectiveness, create leadership effectiveness, or improve engagement may reach Cheryl at

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