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Angilee Myers: New Direct Sales Certified Coach

Angilee Myersby Dana Phillips.

Angilee Myers, Certified Direct Selling Coach from UCU, has been awarded the ACC credential from the International Coach Federation.  Angi is not stopping there, and is hard at work on her next coaching credential, the PCC, which she expects to be awarded soon.

Angi picked Ultimate Coach University because “I was looking for a coach school that would help me take my coaching to the next level and allow me to integrate my direct sales experience with my coaching. I was also drawn to UCU because I was familiar with and really comfortable with the instructors. Neil and Dana are knowledgeable and inspiring. They have pushed me, believed in me and challenged me to stretch to see things differently. I have thoroughly enjoyed my UCU experience.”

Coaching has been a big part of Angi’s personal and professional development and this achievement marks an impressive journey of self-discovery and discipline. Formal coach training has had a profound impact on Angilee’s life.  As she describes it, “Things have changed in my life, my business and my family as a result of UCU. As a coach, I approach situations more thoughtfully. I am fully present and listen better – to what’s said and isn’t said. I am much more effective at work, especially as a leader. I believe that the coach approach makes relationships better; training is more effective in getting the best possible results. It’s a way of life and I think I am a better person for the experience.”

Angi current serves as Senior Manager Sales Leadership Development at Thirty-One Gifts. “I work with the most amazing leaders at Thirty-One Gifts. These women are powerful, strong, faithful and confident leaders who change the lives of those around them every day”.  She believes in coaching as a leadership style and models the coach approach in all of her activities.

Neil Phillips PCC, her mentor coach reports, “Angi has been a dream to work with.  She exudes positivity and is always moving forward.”

Angi and her husband Steve make their home in Yorktown, Indiana. She stays busy with six children and enjoys attending the myriad of events in their busy lives.

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Angela Burnell: New Direct Sales Certified Coach

angelaburnellcroppedBy Dana Phillips

Meet Angela Burnell, Certified Direct Selling Coach, from Victoria, British Columbia.

Angela is a compassionate and thoughtful woman.  She is a Connected Travel agent with Travel Best Bets and an Independent Consultant with Epicure Selections.

She completed the direct selling certification program this year and is a great coach.  Janet Daniels, Angela’s mentor coach praises her growth as a coach. “Angela sincerely cares about her clients and making sure her clients feel heard.  Her powerful questions emerge from fantastic listening skills.”

Angela found personal as well as profession growth as she completed her program with Ultimate Coach University.  “I will never forget those days in Dallas and how much it has changed me. It was an amazing thing to take that leap a year ago. I truly am a better person for it.”

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Cindy Taylor: New Direct Selling Certified Coach

Cindy TaylorBy Dana Phillips

We are pleased to announce our first Canadian Certified Direct Selling Coach, Cindy Taylor. She completed the direct selling certification program recenly and is working toward her life coaching certification.

Cindy, a busy home schooling mother, is the owner of Cindy Biz Life Strategies and recently launched a successful “30 Days to What Next” this September.  She focuses on women in transition and is passionate about supporting people to find their next steps.

Her clients tell us that she is thoughtful and skilled at asking the powerful question: the one that makes you really think!  As a life strategist, she brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and compassion to those she encounters.

“I’m grateful that Cindy introduced me to ‘Executive Toughness’.  Setting my top priorities and the steps to achieve them has been rewarding. I dearly appreciated Cindy’s accountability throughout the process. Her insightful coaching encouraged me to be confident in the here and now and hopeful in my future.” – Sarah Paterson, ENJO (

Cindy and her husband have four children. They make their home in London, Ontario.  You can reach her at


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Why Sales People Can Become Great Coaches

Today’s top sales people possess different skills than the top ones from a decade ago.  The internet changed everything, including sales skills.

A decade ago, the sales person was in information control.  That’s why you hated sales people.  They knew more than you know and didn’t ever appear to tell everything.  They present the features and benefits of a product in a way that worked to their advantage. Now flash forward.  The best contemporary sales people operate in conversational mode.  You don’t need them for information anymore. The sales person is responsible for helping you sort through all of your information so that you can make a good decision. Market needs have shifted the core skills of the sales person.

Daniel Pink in his book, To Sell is Human, focuses on three core sales skills:  attunement, buoyancy, and clarity. The International Coach Federation stresses similar core competencies for coaches.

Attunement is at the heart of understanding the other person.  It is empathy on steroids. You give up some control in order to step into the other person’s world more fully.  You listen with your head and heart so that you understand the other person in their world, and not so you can sell them on your idea. The ICF stresses co-creating a relationship based on trust and intimacy.  Active listening and awareness are also part of core coaching skills.

Buoyancy is the skill of staying positive in a world filled with “no’s.”  Sales people get this. Top people in sales tell themselves, “I’m just one more ask away from a YES.” By its very nature, coaching requires positivity.  The coach has a goal to create and raise awareness that leads to positive action. If the client isn’t progressing, the coach is charged to “positively confront” the situation.

Clarity is finding the right problems to act on and the right solutions for the situation. For the sales person, it’s finding the right frame for the circumstances.  Coaches do exactly the same thing. Coaches create awareness around an issue and support the client in designing actions that fit the situation.

In short, the same skills that a good sales person has are the same competencies that a coach has.  This is NOT to say that people good in sales are good coaches. That’s like saying a good quarterback will be a good football coach or a great business executive will make a wonderful executive coach.  The potential has to be developed.

Sales and coaching are profoundly different activities.  Just because you are good at one doesn’t automatically make you good at the other.  How do you see the difference?

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Post-Convention Coaching of Direct Sellers

Direct Selling Convention ChaosSummertime is convention time for direct selling leaders.  They get to see the fall product line and incentives, network with friends from across the country, recognize the best-of-the-best performers and attend the best training that their company can offer.  And they often return home with their heads spinning because they are not sure of what they want to do.  Here’s a baker’s dozen questions you might use to coach direct selling leaders if this is the case.

1. What’s got you excited?

2. How do you want to show up at the convention next year?

3. Which recognition let you say, “I can do that!”

4. How will the new _______________ fit into your goals?

5. What did you see that’s distracting you from your major business goals?

6. How are your emerging leaders handling the convention?

7. What can you get excited about?

8. What can you get your team excited about?

9. How will you say “no” to things that don’t fit?

10. How will you leverage the new tools?

11. What do you see for yourself?

12. What’s first?

13. What do you want?

I love the convention season.  My direct selling clients are so energized by it all that they can’t stop vibrating.  My job is to support them in pointing that energy where they want it to go.

What other questions come to your mind?

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