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Christine Bearse: New Certified Business Coach

christinebearseTGW-500By Dana Phillips

Meet Christine Bearse, new Certified Business Coach, from Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Christine is a woman of many talents.  She is a life-long learner, great communicator, and busy entrepreneur.  You can find out more about her at

Coaching has supported Christine in a variety of ways.  She had a business coach and realized the impact coaching made on her business. She envisioned a career in coaching to support her in her mission to help women find their inner diamond.

Christine is close to earning her ACC credential from the International Coach Federation through Ultimate Coach University.  Her mentor coach says this about Christine, “She is purposeful and possesses a great deal of inner wisdom.  Christine is a great coach.”

As a graduate of Ultimate Coach University, Christine gained confidence in the skills of positive accountability and strength based coaching.  She loves working with women entrepreneurs.

Congratulations, Christine!

Ultimate Coach University is an ICF Training Program offering Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH).

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Diane Dieffenbach: New Direct Sales Certified Coach

Diane DieffenbachBy Dana Phillips

We are pleased to announce our newest Certified Direct Sales Coach, Diane Dieffenbach. She completed the direct sales certification program this summer and plans to continue to pursue her Associate Certified Coach credential with the International Coach Federation.

Diane, Field Service Manager for Dove Chocolate Discoveries, loves people and enjoys supporting others to reach their goals.  She found UCU the right place to give her systematic approach to coaching for better results.

She thoroughly enjoyed the program and speaks highly of the way DiSC is intertwined throughout the program.  She sees DiSC as a tool to forge deeper relationships with her clients and uses it in many aspects of her professional and personal life.

Her mentor coach enthusiastically commends Diane for her growth as a coach.  “Diane is a very thoughtful individual. She has a high sense of empathy, and she developed excellent skills in the core coaching competencies.”

Diane and her husband have two children. They make their home in Blairstown, New Jersey.  Follow Diane’s blog at

Ultimate Coach University is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program.  It is the only accredited program offering training in direct sales coaching.


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Jennifer Steele: New Direct Sales Certified Coach

Jennifer SteeleBy Dana Phillips

Meet Jennifer Steele, Certified Direct Selling Coach, from Richmond, Indiana.

Jennifer is a conscientious and purposeful woman.  She is a wife and mom with a busy lifestyle. She runs a successful Avon business and is building her own coaching practice, Steele Success.

At the recommendation of a friend, Jennifer enrolled in UCU in September, 2015. She immersed herself in the direct selling certification program and completed it in less than eight months.    One of her greatest insights occurred during the three day live training program. “I really learned the difference from coaching and training. From that point on, I really worked to put the pieces together.”

Neil Phillips, Jennifer’s mentor coach praises her growth as a coach.  “Jennifer worked very hard to hone her coaching skills.  She completed her course work with keen focus, took extra hours outside her major, and showed great progress as a coach.” Her goal is to continue to pursue a professional credential with the International Coach Federation.

You can find out more about Jennifer’s business at

Ultimate Coach University is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program.  It is the only accredited program offering training in direct sales coaching.



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Weekend Love, June Twentieth

DiSC MapHere are some of the great nuggets that I’ve found on the web recently. This handful of links takes you to tools or insightful content. Occasionally I’ll include one from my “save” file if it fits the mood.

Ever wonder how to sell to different DiSC styles?  Leslie Ye of Hubspot Marketing provides some core insights when she writes about How to Sell to 4 Different Personality Types.

If you are ever in a position where you have to rationalize a summer vacation, Fiona Moriarty provides you with five solid ideas when she writes about Five Reasons Why Smart Leaders Take Vacation.

For me, Naomi Dunford produces incredible insights when she writes.  This article about the difference between truth and the PR truths we tell ourselves is tough to ignore.  Understanding this may be The Greatest Leap Your Business Will Ever Take.

Not too long ago I wrote a blog about what you might say in a commencement address to a younger you.  Tiffany Sauder had a similar idea when she wrote Advice to My 24-Year-Old Self: 8 Career Lessons I Learned the Hard Way.  It’s solid advice.  In fact, it still fits me.

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Weekend Love, May Thirty

reading for leadershipHere are some of the great nuggets that I’ve found on the web recently. This handful of links takes you to tools or insightful content. Occasionally I’ll include one from my “save” file if it fits the mood.

As a direct sales coach, I often have a discussion with clients about working with two companies at the same time.  Naomi Dunford provides a well thought out answer to that questions when she says to Never Look Back.

I’m a visual learner and I even like to read for relaxation.  Michael Hyatt thinks there are Five Ways Reading Makes You a Better Leader.  What can I do but agree?

Love (or compassion) is a key social skill for working well with others.  Didn’t your teachers tell you that?  Susan Cramm provides an update when she writes about What’s Love Got to Do with Business.

I loved the title, 12 Pieces of Advice for Giving Talks That Have Impact and thought it was going to be a video.  It turns out to be a quick summary of a TedWomen session hosted by Courtney E. Martin called “The 19th Minute.”   It’s great advice to look up before you have to step in front of a group.


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Weekend Love, April Twenty-fifth

iStock_000034498990Here are some of the great nuggets that I’ve found on the web recently.  This handful of links takes you to tools or great content.  Occasionally I’ll include one from my “save” file that hits my mood.

If you were working too hard on April 22 to celebrate Earth Day, then I hope you feel guilty enough to watch a video or two from Ted Talks to help you celebrate this weekend.

Essential Oils are one of the hot new products in direct sales.  Mark Sisson shares some research about the truth of the claims in his well-researched article on Essential Oils: Separating Fact from Fiction.

Gallup Management recently reported that Only 35% of U.S. Managers Are Engaged in Their Jobs.  The good news that if the manager is engaged, so is the team.  You can reach some easy conclusions about your work as well.

You need to sit down with a cup of coffee and read this article from Frank Sonnenberg like a fresh cup of fine roast.  He writes about Now or Never but it doesn’t mean quite what you think it does.

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15 Questions to Describe Your Leadership

Look at your leadershipWe seldom plan to be exactly where we find ourselves.  Direct sales leaders are a good example.  They get there by accident.  Having been through the process, I know how it works. You start out looking for a part time income, talk with a friend who wanted something similar which led to them joining and (before you could think about it), got pushed into a leadership role.  You never really planned to become a leader.  You just looked up one day and there you were.

You started out to solve a problem, didn’t have 20-20 foresight on where it would lead you, and ended up where you are now.  You are developing an awareness of “where you are” versus “where you want to be.”  Before diving back into your business, you need to take a little time in your “step back” to see if where are you are is where you want to be.  Here are fifteen questions to support you in your step back.

  1. What is the mission of your business?
  2. Alternatively, ask, “What calling does my business serve?”
  3. What are the core values of your business?
  4. What examples of your values in action can you point to?
  5. How does your business add to the value in your life?
  6. How will your vision guide your business?
  7. How are you being the leader you would follow?
  8. How will you align your team to your vision?
  9. How will your team describe your leadership style?
  10. How are you living your values in your business?
  11. Alternatively, ask, “How are you leading by example?
  12. How are you embracing your team members who exemplify the team’s values?
  13. How do you want your business remembered?
  14. Alternatively, ask, “What’s my legacy?”
  15. When you leave your business, what will you be leaving behind?

When we get involved with our business, we often get so buried in the “what” of the business we forget to focus on the “why” and “how.”  The former is important, but it’s the latter that is the true measure of your leadership.  You don’t attract people and build a team without a compelling character.  By doing a step back you have the opportunity to examine your business character and become deliberate in creating your future.

If you have a thought partner, this exercise goes much better.  Pick the questions that make you think the most, write a short answer, and have your thought partner react.  You’ll find out very quickly if you are honest with yourself and making sense.

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Tracy Williams Delisle: Direct Sales Certified Coach

Tracy Williamsby Dana Phillips.

We are proud to announce that Tracy Williams Delisle, Certified Direct Selling Coach from UCU, has been awarded the ACC credential from the International Coach Federation.

Tracy used coaching skills in her professional career for many years. She entered coach training with UCU because she realized “If I had such great success coaching from my own base of knowledge, I could create and support so much more success with intentionally learning skills and coaching techniques.”

Using coaching in her former corporate position as a vice president, and in her current entrepreneurial venture with Seacret, Tracy’s biggest discovery has taken the “rescue and fix” out of her coaching.  “I happily discovered that those I coach own their answers. They don’t need me to give them solutions.  Coaching really allows them to find their own answers.”

She has discovered that coaching now supports her team to connect to their success qualities, leverage their success, and build their own business.  One of Tracy’s new team member’s earned her first commission check of $1,000 in two weeks.  “The awesome income opportunity with Seacret, plus a coach approach is helping people succeed early and consistently.”

Tracy and her husband Tim live in Gurney, Illinois.  You can reach her at


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Weekend Love, February Twenty First

Link loveHere are some of the great nuggets that I’ve found on the web recently.  Most will be a handful of links to tools or great content.  Occasionally I’ll include one from my “save” file that hits my mood.

I think we all will have situations that feed our indecisiveness.  The Paid to Exist blog explores an alternative in The Mantra of the World’s Greatest Influencers.

John Hester, in the Blanchard LeaderChat weighs in on those dreaded employee performance talks.  His view may surprise you as he writes When It Comes to Performance Management, Employees Want More, Not Less!  While direct selling leaders don’t perform employee management functions, I think you’ll find his solution fits your world as well.

Any good lawyer will tell you that the questions you ask shape the questions. Coaches know this as well.  Here’s an alternative for your self-questions from the Power of TED* as they urge you to Ask a Better Question.

The real value of Facebook is in Groups.  Chris Brogan weighs in on this topic in his article, Remember When I Said I Quit Facebook?

From the archives:  Entrepreneur Magazine recommends that you Quit Facebook.  Here are six good reasons to give it up for your business and your personal life.  This seems harsh, but if you can’t set boundaries, maybe stopping cold turkey is the way to go.

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Laurie Lambert, New Direct Sales Certified Coach

Ultimate Coach university Graduate Laurie Lambertby Dana Phillips.

Meet Laurie Lambert, Certified Direct Selling Coach from Arlington, Texas.

Laurie uses coaching daily in her role as a Field Development Manager. Laurie entered the UCU program for a variety of reasons.  As part of her professional development plan, she wanted to grow her skills as a coach for her position with Dove Chocolate Discoveries.  Additionally, she admired leaders who used the coach approach to leadership and looked for a program that would support her to be a more effective coach.  UCU made sense to her because “it was the only program that combined the professionalism of the international coaching community with the practical application of the direct selling industry.”  Laurie is currently working on her ICF ACC credential and expects to have it soon.

Reflecting on the skills, tools, and processes Laurie learned in UCU coursework, she was most impressed with the work she did with her mentor coach.  “My mentor coach really modeled good coaching skills as well as helping me improve my own coaching.”

Laurie feels her greatest growth was in the area of coaching presence.  “The ability to enter into my client’s world, stay there, and really hold that space for them is exciting. When it is their idea, their solution, positive change happens.”

Laurie and her husband Mitchell enjoy a variety of hobbies. She recognizes that coaching significantly impacts her role as a spouse and mother to adult children.

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